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Making IoT Easy

Carnegie Technologies delivers end-to-end IoT solutions, pre-configured for various industries and designed to work right out of the box. Connect, track, measure, and analyze the people, places, and things that matter most to your business with easy-to-use end-to-end solutions that do what your business needs them to do. 

NOW YOU CAN stop worrying about building an IoT solution and get one that’s pre-configured to your business needs right out of the box.




Seamless, high-speed and carefree connectivity across all network types

Carnegie Technologies’ Network Convergence Platform (NCP) delivers the best and most consistent user experience as mobile customers move about their day between cellular, Wi-Fi and other networks, whether they’re streaming video, using voice, data and even augmented reality applications.

NOW YOU CAN seamlessly optimize your network connection without losing calls, data, or your customer’s patience.



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Expanding the reach of satellite communications

Carnegie Satellite Solutions (CSS) is a division of Carnegie Technologies that is dedicated to breaking the cost and size barriers that have kept general consumers out of satellite communications. Our game-changing solutions makes satellite communications easy, affordable and accessible to just about anyone, including outdoor enthusiasts, remote workers, disaster recovery teams, first responders and much more.





Our software division builds solutions tailored for specific verticals that expand opportunities, reduce operational costs and create new revenue streams for our customers. Our software teams have deep domain expertise in our customers markets, and design solutions that ease specific pain points and create opportunities for growth. These Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions emphasize ease of use, simple and quick integration and deployment, and maximum impact.

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